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Our collection of plumbing solutions are made out of durable and resistant materials to provide optimal user experience.

Our fittings and fixtures are highly reliable, sturdy and trustworthy in their department.


Wide Range of Products

Flexible Water Hoses

We offer a wide range of flexible hoses to suit all plumbing markets. All of our hoses use the latest technology, meet and exceed the certification requirements.

PVC Pipe

Our range of PVC pipes cater to all the solutions for an array of uses like drainage, transportation of water and so on.

Garden Taps

Our wide range of garden taps incorporate a blend of modernity and functionality.

The range of products provide an ample of options that match the user’s style and preference.

Floor Grates & Wastes

Our exclusive range of floor grates and wastes not only remove water but also add a dimension and aesthetic value to the location it is installed at.

The high quality grates cater to residential as well as industrial needs.

Gas Pipe System

Crimp fit fittings and tools for easy plumbing of low pressure gas in residential or commercial applications.

Push fit and Crimp fit plumbing range

We offer a wide range of push and crimp fittings suitable for all plumbing applications when working with Pex and or copper pipe.

Drain Cleaning Tools

Our range covers all the drainage related problems.

The range of products are designed to meet the user- friendly standard for residential and commercial applications.

Hose Clamps

Our range of hose clamps made out of diverse materials to suit the requirement and need of the user.

Galvanized Pipes & Fittings

Durable, sturdy & economical pipe fitting that has a multitude of uses.

Applications include plumbing, irrigation and handrails, both indoor & outdoor.

Copper Tubes & Fittings

Our wide range of copper tubes and fittings meet and exceed all plumbing standards.

Valves & Cocks

Cocks and Valves are used to interrupt or control the flow.

We offer premium quality range of valves and cocks to suit all plumbing requirements.

Other Products

    1. In addition to the above-mentioned products, we cater to other miscellaneous items as well.
      We have following additional categories available:
      • Toilet & Tap Spares Range
      • Chrome Extensions
      • Roof Flashing
      • Screwed Brassware
      • Plastic Handle & Tap Sets
      • Plumbing Clips

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